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Dr. Awwad: Information Ministry ready to absorb journalists returning from Qatar

Awwad Al-Awwad
Awwad Al-Awwad

JEDDAH – Information and Culture Minister Dr. Awwad Bin Saleh Al-Awwad confirmed that the ministry welcomes male and female Saudi journalists returning from Qatar.

He expressed the ministry’s readiness to provide them the same jobs they were having in Qatari channels, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported Thursday night.

The minister expressed thanks and appreciation to all who supported the nation and stood with the leadership against those who harmed them. He said he issued directives to the deputy minister to receive applications of the journalists returning from Qatar through the email: nhmoci.gov.sa.

He added that Saudi media has proved to the whole world its capability to repulse tendentious ideology and information harming “our country and people”. The Saudi media also proved their professionalism and skill in standing against the hostile media that are attempting to divide the ranks, destabilize the community and threaten national security. History will remember this stance, he stressed.

Al-Awwad called on all to rally behind the prudent leadership and counter this fierce media war being waged against the Kingdom. He reaffirmed the spirit of patriotism emanating from Islam that places the nation and all its capabilities above all other considerations because the nation is a trust and “we must protect it”

He stressed the need for creating awareness among all not to follow calls whose appearance are different from what they actually are. “We must all stand united with our leadership in the face of those who are hatching schemes against us.” — SPA

Posted by: TimesofSaudia.com courtesy Saudi Gazette