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Memorable moments

FOR the fifth consecutive year, Red Sea Mall organized its Iftar Abna’a Al-Khair by hosting and engaging more than 1,200 children from various nonprofit organizations and many underprivileged families.

The annual iftar event, which the mall has become accustomed to, was organized in cooperation with Akly Ala Mazajy Group, a few local companies, a group of businessmen and businesswomen and philanthropists. This year the children were hosted in the lower level of the mall’s new expansion.

The Iftar Abna’a Al-Khair was launched for the first time in 2013 with the aim of integrating families and orphans bringing them joy in the holy month. The mall’s management strives through this initiative to assure and reaffirm its commitment to the Saudi community’s religious and noble values.

Mohammad Alawi, CEO of Red Sea Markets Company Ltd that owns Red Sea Mall, stated: “We are delighted and honored to be spreading joy and drawing smiles among our orphaned sons. We are happy with the success of this leading initiative that has started to attract the attention of many philanthropists from the Saudi community, which has always been altruistic by nature. This year marks the fifth consecutive year for this initiative, which was launched with only 50 children but has reached over 1,200 children today. We will work hard to develop and innovate the program year on year so it may yield more benefits to our kids.”

He added: “This activity is the biggest event that brings together this large number of orphan kids under one roof, and what makes us even more proud as the Red Sea Mall management is that this event marks the first activity in our new expansion area. I would also like to thank everyone who participated in and supported this charitable cause as such platforms proved to be important in generating solidarity among community members.”

The event included various entertainment and recreational programs, starting with greeting the children at the gate and a stage performance before breaking fast, followed by other activities like drawing, face painting and etiquette workshops. After the iftar, the participant children were given free vouchers for Sparky’s indoor amusement park located in the mall, as well as access to the IN10SO carting ring center inclusive of bowling and video games. Additionally, the children were offered coupons to buy new clothes for Eid.

The activity’s success has proven the Saudi community’s interest in such programs that hold noble values especially around the month of Ramadan, the month of ultimate blessings and giving.

“We invite everyone to support our activity that attracts much attention and strives to realize the higher purpose of making an orphan happy and integrating him into society,” the mall management said in a press release.

The activity in its first year hosted 50 children, 200 in its second year and 500 in 2015. Last year the number of participants went up to 1,000 before culminating this year with 1,200 children.

Red Sea Mall is one of the largest malls in Jeddah. Located on King’s Road in the north of the city and sprawling over an area of 242,000 sq. meters, the mall is characterized by its modern design. It has seven floors for commercial offices with a variety of activities. The center also features a modern 5-star hotel, hundreds of high-end shops, a variety of restaurants and entertainment for young people. — SG