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Watch: Woman escapes kidnapper by leaping from boot of moving car

A woman made a daring escape from a reported robbery and kidnapping incident by jumping out of a car boot of a moving vehicle, CCTV footage show.

According to the Birmingham, Alabama police, the woman was walking to her apartment on Tuesday when the suspect approached her with a gun and asked for money.

After she told him she did not have any money, the woman told police that the kidnapper forced her to get into the boot of a car before driving away.

After the suspect drove to a gas station and convenience store in Birmingham, the woman was able to open the trunk and escape just as the vehicle was starting to pull away, police said.

She then dashed for the convenience store inside to ask for help and the petrol station’s staff called 911.

The unidentified victim, 25, suffered minor injuries when she jumped out of the car, according to local media in Alabama.

Police in Birmingham, Alabama, posted Twitter screengrab taken from the petrol station’s surveillance camera showing the suspect’s face, and asking for information from the public that would lead to his arrest.